Almost one year ago, we launched our Post-O-Grams. We created these postcards to be easy to digest – usually less than 100 words, plus a cool “postcard” image and corresponding stamp.

In developing Post-O-Grams, we had three main goals:

#1.) Be a resource.

With nearly 25 years in business we’ve gained experience in virtually every aspect of marketing and communication. We’re always sharing our learning, tips and hints with clients, and we thought subscribers would benefit from it, too. So far, they love the Post-O-Grams!

#2.) Develop relationships with new contacts.

Sally attends tons of events in the community. Post-O-Grams are a great way to keep in contact with the people she meets.

#3.) Teach subscribers more about what we do.

Our agency is well known for our design work, but even existing clients are sometimes surprised to learn about the business strategy and consulting services we offer.

We’ve been very happy with the response to our Post-O-Grams! Sally regularly gets compliments from subscribers about how interesting and engaging the content is, and we’ve had a handful of people ask if we can create a “Post-O-Gram” spinoff for their company or brand.

Our most popular emails of the year were both animated, and featured seasonal content:

Halloween Pest-O-Gram – We used a GIF for our “Pest-O-Gram” Halloween takeover, featuring a creepy crawly spider.

Shiny Brite Christmas – We love vintage packaging, so when Doug found a box of ornaments in his family’s basement, we couldn’t resist some Christmas fun.

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