The fine print of our terms and conditions…

Payment terms

Upon beginning work with us, a deposit may be requested for new clients. Any balances due will be invoiced following the completion of each project, as per the agreement of a retainer, or at the natural phases of the projects.

Clients may pay with their credit card, however, a 5% fee will be added to the total to cover the processing fees.

Completion of all projects will be based on reasonable time schedules, as outlined in the scope or in our discussions. If work must be completed on a rush basis, additional costs incurred by us due to those circumstances may be added to our billing. Any project put on hold for more than 30 days may be progress billed for the work completed to date.

Cooper Smith & Co. estimates are valid for 30 days. Cooper Smith & Co. also reserves the right to revise estimates, for client approval, as a project develops or scope changes.

All estimates allow for a round of edits to be requested by the client. However, if further revisions are required, due to no fault of the agency, we reserve the right to invoice for time spent making revisions at a blended rate of $145 per hour.

Travel expenses will be billed at actual cost, except mileage, which will be calculated at the rate allowed for deductibility by the Internal Revenue Service.

Our terms are net 15 days. We reserve the right to charge interest of 1.5% on any balance unpaid after 30 days. If it becomes necessary for us to retain attorneys to collect on our invoices, such fees and court costs incurred by us will be paid by you.

We reserve the right to refuse to complete or deliver work if the appropriate agreed-upon fees are not paid. Should invoices become more than 60 days past due, work will be suspended until the account is brought current.


Production and related expenses

Whenever possible, Cooper Smith & Company prefers that out-of-house expenses be paid directly by the client. However, when this is neither convenient nor expedient, we will bill those costs back to the client with a markup to cover administration costs and provide adequate cash flow.


Promotion and copyright

We reserve the right to use any work we may produce for you as samples, which we may use or reproduce in any reasonable manner for our marketing purposes.

Cooper Smith & Co. retains the copyright for all work created unless noted on the estimate and invoice. If you need our native files, our standard fee for rights and usage is $800 per packaged file, though it may be higher for documents more than 12 pages in length. Rights for any new photography and illustration will be negotiated at the time of purchase.

Acceptance of work constitutes agreement with these terms whether or not this form has been signed and returned.


…basically says we’d be honored to work with you.


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