Repurposing Video Content

So you did a really interesting expert interview on Facebook Live, and it got fantastic engagement from your followers. Now you want to share that message with a larger audience. Great idea! Here are a few ways that you can stretch that content even farther:

1. Add Your Brand Visuals

Download the raw video from Facebook, then send to your videographer. He or she can add your logo and branding, plus make any simple edits necessary. Then upload to either Vimeo or YouTube so it’s easier to share.

2. Make A Podcast

Strip out just the audio, and turn that into a podcast. You can do this with iMovie or a free online audio converter, or you can work with your go-to videographer. You can also edit out any “um’s” or other unnecessary content.

3. Create A Blog Post

Transcribe the interview yourself, or send the video to a transcription service. Then, turn the interview into a blog post.

4. Craft An Email

Write an email to promote the video and include a link to Vimeo or YouTube. Or, write an email that promotes the blog/podcast version of the content and link to that.

5. Create a Facebook Ad

You can either boost the original Facebook Live post, or use the video to create a new Facebook ad. Be sure to think through your goals and call-to-action.

6. Create A Shorter Version

Clip out the best six to ten seconds of the video, and create an Instagram post. Or create a GIF that you can run in a promotional email.

7. Integrate Into Your Website

Feature the video on your website, or use it on your pop-up/squeeze pages.


Content creation can be time-consuming, so when you have something that excites your audience, make the most of it! Be sure to use one (or more) of these ideas on repurposing video content to stretch that content gold.

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Strategy for Solopreneurs

Like many of our clients, Sheree Clark is a consummate entrepreneur. She spent the first 25 years of her career running an advertising agency, then studied nutrition, became a certified raw vegan chef, and is now a healthy living coach with her business Fork in the Road. Her no-nonsense straight talk and irreverent sense of humor have earned her a fiercely loyal following of clients and email subscribers from around the world.

When Sheree started her business, she was most passionate about teaching the benefits of raw food and nutrition. But as she’s worked with more and more clients, she’s recognized the need for healthy life coaching and lifestyle support, which she provides in one-on-one and group coaching sessions for women ages 40+. As Sheree continues to hone in on her niche audience, we’ve helped fine-tune her message and brand. This year, she has been laser focused on list building, lead generation, and lead nurturing, with huge results.

“My business model has done a complete evolution since 2009 when I started working with Cooper Smith & Company, and I can honestly say I would not be in the solid place I am now without their help. The expert guidance I’ve received over the years has been priceless.”

Our work with Sheree touches nearly all aspects of her multi-faceted business, including strategy and design for her email newsletter, expert interview series, social media, website, speaking engagements, and other special promotions.

We look forward to supporting Sheree as she continues to grow her business, and helps clients figure out “what the fork” to do with their lives!

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